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Cardiac Cath Lab

What is a Cardiac Cath Lab?

Cardiovascular diseases are a big problem in the world and can cause many deaths. But there’s a way to help diagnose and treat these diseases called cardiac catheterization lab. Cardiac cath lab is a medical procedure where doctors use a thin tube called a catheter to look inside the heart and blood vessels. This can help them find any blockages or other problems in the heart. There are different types of procedures that can be done in the lab, like angiograms, stenting, and balloon angioplasty. These procedures can help open up blocked arteries and allow blood to flow more easily to the heart. The great thing about cardiac catheterization lab is that it can help doctors find and treat problems more accurately than other ways. If you ever feel chest pain, shortness of breath, or fatigue, it’s important to seek medical help right away. Your doctor can help determine if cardiac catheterization lab is a good way to diagnose and treat your specific condition. Remember, taking care of your heart is important for your overall health and wellbeing!  

Cath Lab at Jain Multispeciality Hospital

Jain Multispeciality Hospital has always been a pioneer in bringing the latest medical technologies to the surrounding areas and cath lab has been another addition to its service offering. All the heart patients can book an appointment with our experienced team of medical professionals and can prevent all the risks to their heart. We have tied up with Arko Heart Centre, funded by entrepreneurs from the USA to provide this facility in Khanna.